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Sri Lanka Plans to Deport 1,500 Pakistani and Afghan Refugees

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More than 1,400 of the targeted refugees have been registered as asylum seekers at the UN refugee agency office in Colombo.

Ahmadiyya Times | News Watch | Int'l Desk
Source/Credit: Global Voices Online
By Rezwan | July 23, 2014

Facing persecution in Pakistan, many Ahmadiyya Muslims and Christians have taken refuge in Sri Lanka. These refugees are mostly held in Boossa and Mirihana detention centers and have to live on government-provided rations as they are not eligible for work.

According to the media, the Sri Lankan government is preparing to deport about 1,450 Pakistani and 50 Afghan refugees who have apparently fled to rural areas in Sri Lanka. More than 1,400 of the targeted refugees have been registered as asylum seekers at the UN refugee agency office in Colombo.

Human Rights Watch has requested the Sri Lankan government not to summarily deport these minorities. Meanwhile, Pakistan has disowned these refugees and an uncertain future awaits for them if they are deported.

United Nations: Rights Panel Votes for Inquiry in Gaza Conflict, US sole 'NO' voter

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Twenty-nine of the council’s 47 members voted for a resolution calling for the creation of a commission of inquiry to look at “all violations” of international law, with only the United States voting against and with 17 states abstaining, 10 of them European.

Via Twitter, By Jon Williams, ABC Foreign Editor
Ahmadiyya Times | News Watch | US Desk
Source/Credit: National Journal
By Marina Koren | July 23, 2014

GENEVA — The United Nations Human Rights Council voted Wednesday to establish an inquiry to investigate possible war crimes in the Gaza Strip.

Of the 47 participating countries on the council, 29 voted for opening an investigation, 17 abstained, and one voted against.

Countries that voted in the affirmative are, in alphabetical order: Algeria, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Costa Rica, Cote d'Ivoire, Cuba, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kuwait, the Maldives, Mexico, Morocco, Namibia, Pakistan, Peru, the Philippines, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sierra Leone, the United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, and Vietnam.

Countries that abstained are Austria, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, the Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Gabon, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Montenegro, South Korea, Romania, the Republic of Macedonia, and the United Kingdom.

The sole dissenting vote came from the United States, Israel's most vocal supporter.

Israel/Gaza: Attacks on medical facilities and civilians add to war crime allegations | Amnesty International

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Hamas has also continued to fire hundreds of indiscriminate rockets into Israel in violation of international law, killing two Israeli civilians and injuring others.

Ahmadiyya Times | News Watch |
Source/Credit: Amnesty International
By AI | July 21, 2014

The continuing bombardment of civilian homes in several areas of the Gaza Strip, as well as the Israeli shelling of a hospital, add to the list of possible war crimes that demand an urgent independent international investigation, said Amnesty International.

The third floor of the Al-Aqsa hospital in Deir al-Balah was struck by Israeli shelling, killing four people and wounding dozens, according to the Gaza Ministry of Health spokesperson.

“Today’s attack on the Al-Aqsa hospital is the latest in a series of attacks on and near medical facilities in Gaza, which have been struggling to cope with thousands of injured people since the Israeli offensive began on 8 July,” said Philip Luther, Director of the Middle East and North Africa Programme at Amnesty International.

The FBI is entrapping Americans and charging them as terrorists, according to a new report

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“Indeed, in some cases the Federal Bureau of Investigation may have created terrorists out of law-abiding individuals by conducting sting operations that facilitated or invented the target’s willingness to act."

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Source/Credit: Global Post
By Timothy McGrath | July 21, 2014

The FBI is entrapping Americans and charging them as terrorists, according to a new report

Human Rights Watch and the Human Rights Institute at Columbia Law School has confirmed all your worst fears about how the US government handles terrorism cases.

Human Rights Watch and the Human Rights Institute at Columbia Law School have just released a damning report in which they accuse the US government of repeated abuses in the investigation and prosecution of terrorism cases.

Duh, right?

Well, you might still be surprised by the report's most troubling allegation: that US government agents, by employing methods of investigation that border on entrapment, have actively encouraged ordinary Americans to become terrorists.

India refuses visa to UN team probing Sri Lanka human rights violations

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The human rights official has noted that even Afghanistan has shown their objection towards the probe. "The SAARC countries have united for the first time in this manner."

Ahmadiyya Times | News Watch | Int'l Desk
Source/Credit: ColomboPage
By News Desk | July 21, 2014

Colombo: India has refused to grant visas to the United Nations team appointed by the High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay to probe the alleged human rights violations during the last seven years of three-decades long conflict in Sri Lanka.

India and four other South Asian countries have united in expressing objection to the UN probe mandated by a resolution adopted at the 25th session of the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva in March 2014.

Commissioner of the Sri Lanka Human Rights Commission, Dr. Prathiba Mahanamahewa has said that India has rejected to provide visa to the investigations committee to enter that country to conduct the probe, national news agency Lankapuvath reported.

Perspective: Still not ready to give fasting a try?

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That is understandable; a whole month of fasting can be daunting. A new study conducted at the University of Southern California, however, revealed that fasting for as little as three days can regenerate the entire immune system.

Ahmadiyya Times | News Watch | US Desk
By Sohaib Awan | July 22, 2014

In response to the Boston Tea Party, King George III ordered a blockade of Boston Harbor. Concerned by the anticipated economic strain, our Founding Fathers turned, not to arms or protest, but to God.

In the summer of 1774, Thomas Jefferson drafted a "Day of Fasting, Humiliation, and Prayer" resolution. And so, on June 1, 1774, among others, George Washington, according to his diary, "went to church, fasted all day."

This Independence Day, close to 90 percent of all Muslim American adults were engaged in fasting, humiliation and prayer -- and they will continue do so for the rest of July. From sunrise to sunset, they, too, will refrain from partaking in any food and drink and will immerse themselves in the remembrance of God.

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