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France: Ahmadi Muslim mosque vandalized in Epernay

Ahmadis are present in nearly 190 countries are represented by their Caliph, Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, who will speak at the European Parliament on December 4th. 

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By | November 9, 2012

NOTE: Adapted from the original news, converted via Google Translate and edited by Imran Jattala.

At Epernay (Marne), Champagne-Ardennes, a Muslim place of worship was vandalized during the night of 7 to 8 November between 7 o'clock in the evening and six o'clock in the next morning.

It is a mosque belonging to the Ahmadiyya Muslim community, a minority sect of Islam from Pakistan, and often subjected to persecution because of their vision of a tolerant Muslim ideology.

Identity Bloc posters accompanied by slogans such as "burqas, kebabs, mosques ... Enough! ", "Being French, is an identity, not just a document", or "Right of foreigners to vote: Identity is in danger!" were pasted on the walls, sometimes with swastikas or symbols Waffen-SS.

"We can see that this was done in haste, says Asif Arif, representative of the external affairs of the Ahmadiyya France, the organization representing Ahmadis in France.

Ironically, as he pointed out, hate symbols daubed on the poster of the association appear just below the slogan of the association is: "Love for All, Hatred for None" .

"This is terrible - The anti-Islam sentiment is rising in general," he continues. "Because the Ahmadiyya engages in public life and has an ultra pacifist vision, there is no doubt that this attack was made ​​blindly and, in France, sense of intolerance is at its peak."

"Even though our community fights against intolerance everyday, as evidenced in our slogan."

According to Ahmaddiyya France, a complaint was filed on 8 November. The police investigation is ongoing and no arrest has taken place yet.

The Ahmadiyya community in Epernay has forty members and the mosque is located near l'Hôpital Auban Moët, not far from the city center of the capital of the Champagne-Ardennes region.

A community persecuted, the Ahmadiyya Movement was born to revitalize Islam in the 19th century during British colonization of India, under the leadership of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.

During his lifetime, he proclaimed to be Mahdi ("Messiah") and prophet, a claim which leaves his followers rejected by other Muslims, especially in Pakistan, their country of origin, where they are considered heretics and not part of Islam.

For the majority of Muslims, the Prophet Muhammad is the last prophet and there cannot be an other prophet.

In 2010, an attack claimed by Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan branch of the Taliban, against one of their places of worship in Lahore killed 87 people.

Ahmadis, present in nearly 190 countries, are represented by their Caliph, Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, who will speak at the European Parliament on December 4th.

In June 2012, when he had addressed the members of the U.S. Congress. his speech was welcomed by representatives because of "its commitment to world peace, non-violence, religious harmony and democracy."

Recently, the case of two Pakistani Ahmadis, whose application for asylum was rejected by Germany, has helped to change the European legislation on the definition of religious persecution (See in this regard - for subscribers - our article : "Asylum seekers, the European Court defines more precisely the religious persecution" ).

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